Facilitation turns talks into productive processes by structuring meetings and enhancing engagement.
Facilitation provides everyone the opportunity to contribute their own perspective.
Most of the time facilitated meetings are also more fun for all participants.

Productive collaboration

I facilitate different types of group formats that bring between five and twenty-five people in contact with each other:

Working group meetings

repeatedly unite a group to bring about a joint product.

Networking events

gather those connected by a joint thematic interest or work field.

Team retreats

offer an opportunity away from everyday work to reflect on joint work and to plan new work procedures and projects.

Participants in a group process should have opportunities for involvement. I employ a set of interactive methods that speak to diverse groups. Note taking ensures that everyone is on the same page about what is being discussed and what has been decided. Clear communication and strict yet friendly time management keeps everyone focused on the task at hand.
Professional Facilitation Team Networking

Consultation for facilitation

You would rather facilitate your event yourself? I am happy to consult and develop a plan for the professional facilitation of your event together with you.

Statements by participants

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