How do I focus on the tasks that really matter?
What is a good plan for completing my dissertation?
Should I pursue an academic career – what are other career options?
How will we produce results at the next meeting of our working group?
If you want your work to suit your life, you need solutions that best suit you.

Coaching. Training. Facilitation.

I support you in discovering your personal path to a work life that suits your life as a whole. Through my coaching and seminars, you will be able to focus on working towards your goals and you will find the career that best suits you. You gain structure and clarity; you can put new ideas and strategies into action immediately. I facilitate engaging meetings that produce results.

Individual Coaching:

One-on-one coaching provides a space for you to find answers to your questions. I specialize in time- and self-management as well as in career counselling.


Tailor-made trainings:

I offer workshops on time- and self-management as well as career planning. Most of my courses are targeted towards academic institutions.


Professional facilitation:

Successful teamwork can be fun. I support you as a workshop facilitator.


Having earned a PhD in the social sciences and having worked as a research manager, I have gained a fine grasp of the academic world. In my work, I can rely on certificates as both a business coach and a career counsellor – and on my passion for pens, paper and people. My working languages are German and English. You can learn more about me here.

Summarized information is available for download in my profile.


Resilient thanks to Corona

The starting situation is the same for many of us: Schools and child-care are closed down, and many can no longer go to work. Restaurants and most stores are shut, there are no events and no private dates. And yet, the situation is different for every one of us. Those with an office job are […]

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