Make work fit your life.

Should I continue my studies and work towards a PhD?
How do I make time to write my dissertation when working for a research project?
My perfectionism keeps me from finishing my projects.
Which competencies help me land a job outside academia?
Coaching provides a space for you to find answers to your questions.
In a coaching, we take stock together: What is good and should stay the same? Where would you like to see changes? We will structure your thoughts and use unusual questions and new perspectives to help you find fresh ideas. Together we will test change. You will develop a vision how work fits your life – and new strategies on how to get there.

Organizing my work

Self-management and time-management coaching helps you design a work life that suits your life as a whole. First, we investigate how you currently plan and use your time. You gradually change your behavior to use your time sensibly for what matters to you most. I accompany, advise and make sure we keep an eye on the big picture: all aspects of your life.

Developing a vision

When are you content with how you work? What hinders you to be content? We start by developing an image of what you want to accomplish.

Planning time

What do you want to accomplish? Why does that often not happen? I help you to take on a realistic load and keep everything in mind as you plan.


How do I stay on top of my tasks, information and e-mails? You get to know the principles of productivity and you find your tools – an app, a Bullet Journal® or simple lists.


How long should I work at a time? How do I start? And how do I stop? We analyze which changes you can make to reach your goals and maintain your energy levels.

Clear communication

How do I tell my boss what I can and cannot get done? How do I delegate tasks? Together, we test strategies that help you communicate successfully at the workplace.

Overcoming obstacles

You had a great plan, but it is not working out? All of us foster beliefs that might make it difficult to put plans into action. Together, we transform them into motivation.

Finding my career

What matters to me? What does professional success mean for me? What am I good at? What impact do I want to make with my work? As a career counsellor I provide structure at your side when you wish to go in a new professional direction. Or when you just want to make sure you are on the right track. I support your reflection and your decisions with the right methods and provide questions. You research career paths and we sort out together what suits you personally.
In career coaching I like to work with the career anchors according to E. Schein or with the LINC Personality Profiler.

Taking stock

What is good and should stay the same? What would I like to change? What do I not want any more? First, we analyze your current situation.

Clarifying your profile

What matters to me? Which skills do I want to use in my work? What inspires me? We clarify which values, skills and interests determine your professional happiness.

Developing a goal

Starting from your profile, you will begin to develop a tangible career vision. Since this often requires inspiration and courage, I support you in this endeavor.

The next step

Finally, you plan the path towards making your vision come true. Maybe you want to discuss specific job applications. There is room for that during our career coaching sessions.

Road bumps

Sounds so easy? But it is not working out smoothly? There are many good reasons why a professional change process might have hiccups or stall. Together, we will find out what hinders you from making progress.

Coaching Process

During our initial free consultation of about 45 minutes we get to know each other personally. We clarify which topics you would like to work on. I present my approach and methodological ideas for coaching and we agree on the conditions of the process. You do not have to make a decision until a week after this meeting.

Depending on the topic, a coaching process encompasses about three to ten 90-minute meetings, spread out over several months. I usually recommend having meetings about two to four weeks apart. This provides you with time to test your conceived strategies in everyday life. During the final meeting we reflect upon the process.

I offer my coachings in person in Berlin-Friedrichshain and online.

You may contact me via e-mail or call me to schedule your initial consultation.

What others say about the coaching

Christiane’s coaching helped me to navigate the post-PhD chapter with a holistic and dynamic approach. I gained a better understanding of my values and drivers, which allows me to feel more confident. I gained a better understanding of my values and drivers, which allows me to feel more confident.

PhD Graduate (32), Career Coaching

Dr. Christiane Kasack accompanied my work with old beliefs professionally, clear, solution-oriented and with great empathy. I could feel her appreciation for the process at all times.

Mental Health Counsellor (50), Career Coaching

Christiane is an exceptional coach with extensive experience in academia. Her focused support has helped me look at my thesis from a new perspective and get back on track. I highly recommend her to all PhD students who are not looking for just any coaching, but value trust and excellent support.

PhD Candidate (33), Science Coaching

Motivational coaching that surveyed all areas of life. The coaching provided precisely tailored suggestions on how I can make better progress with my dissertation.

PhD Candidate (32), PhD Coaching
Work. Suited for me.

Personalized coaching on time- and self-management as well as career counselling – not just for academics.

Dr. Christiane Kasack

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