Resilience Circle Competences

Resilient time management in research

How do I deal with uncertainty and setbacks? Why should I plan if I have to constantly change my plan during implementation? How do I manage to work so efficiently that I don't keep falling behind schedule? It is easier to answer these questions if we look at the concept of resilience.

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Topics in Mentoring

Some will find it easy to discover topics to talk about and questions to ask. Others might feel that they lack topics and questions. Both stand to benefit from a look at this list to make their mentoring complete and gain as much as possible.

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Roles in Mentoring

Your mentoring relationship is like a journey that you are taking together. The journey is about the mentee learning and experiencing this “world below”. The mentor might have a better map of the area, but only the mentee knows what they are interested in.

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Distinction between Mentoring and Sponsoring

It is great to know persons who support your learning journey with regard to your job and your career. They may do so in different ways.

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The history of mentoring

The term mentoring is derived from Greek mythology. Mentoring focuses on experience. Important: Experience with regard to which topic is key for the mentee?

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