Professional Facilitation: Interactive and constructive workshops

Facilitation turns talks into productive processes.
Meetings gain structure and engagement. Facilitation provides everyone the opportunity to contribute their own perspective.
Most of the time facilitated meetings are also more fun for all participants.

Productive collaboration

I facilitate small group formats that bring between five and twenty-five people in contact with each other: The participants get to know each other better through exchange, appreciate their differences and achieve better results together. My external facilitation frees participants from managing the process, allowing them to focus on contributing their perspectives and on collaboration.

Working group meetings

repeatedly unite a group to bring about a joint product.

Networking events

gather those connected by a joint thematic interest or work field.

Team retreats

offer an opportunity away from everyday work to reflect on joint work and to plan new work procedures and projects.

Participants in a group process should have opportunities for involvement.

I employ a set of interactive methods that speak to diverse groups. Note taking ensures that everyone is on the same page about what is being discussed and what has been decided. Clear communication and strict yet friendly time management keeps everyone focused on the task at hand.

Teams that value their diversity work more productively.

During a team retreat, team members can get to know each other better. They can reflect on the strengths of their team and distribute tasks in a personality-based and strength-oriented manner. To ensure a sound basis, I am happy to support the process with the team evaluation of the LINC Personality Profiler.

Career Paths Panel

Are you organizing an event to illustrate various career paths? I enjoy moderating panels with people who inspire students, doctoral students or postdocs with their respective careers and motivate them to actively plan their careers. In preparation, I clarify with you and the panelists which topics should be addressed. Whenever possible, I use activating methods online and in a face-to-face event to encourage the audience to ask questions.

Professional facilitation

During our initial talk, you describe what kind of event you are planning and what goals you would like to achieve at the meeting. I present my approach and methodological ideas for your meeting and we agree on the framework.

Depending on the type and scope of the event and your goals, I take the time to get to know participants through individual interviews, pre-event surveys, or email exchanges. The day of the meeting, we can focus on work. Panelists know what types of questions to expect, team members can assess how much they want to open up, and I know what points should be addressed.

I edit my visualization and the results of my work for the further work of the group and make them available to all participants.

Statements by participants

Great accomplishment again, the days in Berlin were highly interesting to me, thank you so much! Amazing organization, brilliant facilitation

Participant Networking Event Career Centers

Wonderful moderation by Ms. Kasack, very interesting lecture with a few new aspects for me.

Participant lecture and panel discussion on academic career paths

The World Café with the mentors was the highlight of the seminar for me! Super well prepared, perfectly coordinated in terms of time and content – and above all first-class mentors! This evening has really been enriching for me.

Participant Networking Event Mentoring-Program

Christiane’s moderation of the panel with alumni*ae gave our career day a bracing kick-off. The roundtable was perfectly prepared and Christiane’s questions to the alumni*ae met exactly the needs of the postdocs in the audience. Thanks so much for this!

Career Center, UFZ

After our workshop with Christiane, we have seen a noticeable uptick in the productivity of our group and many individuals have expressed their satisfaction with the changes we have seen in our overall structure and group dynamics. To quote one of them ‘It really feels like we are working as a team now!’

Team leader, moderation of a team retreat
Work. Suited for me.

Personalized coaching on time- and self-management as well as career counselling – not just for academics.

Dr. Christiane Kasack

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